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B O O K S   -   S I M O N  &   S C H U S T E R


Framed for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to seven years' transportation, former stable lad Seb Cornish returns to his native Dorset with old scores to settle. Above all, he seeks revenge against the young girl who unwittingly betrayed him all those years before.


Amanda Lapsly is now a beautiful young woman, but impoverished and without protection. Her vulnerability attracts Seb. To obtain the vengeance he seeks, he must win her trust - and her hand in marriage. But Amanda has already been promised to one man - while her heart belongs to another.


Will Amanda fall for Seb's trap? Three men desire her - but only one can offer her unconditional love. Will she make the right choice?


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Following a romantic shipboard marriage, Joanna Morcant has everything her heart could desire. But just as she's beginning to settle into a new life with her dashing husband and their adored son, Toby, an unforseen tragedy leaves her destitute.


Joanna has no choice but to return to her childhood home, the Isle of Portland off the Dorset coast, a place which holds disturbing memories for her. The past rises up to haunt her. Toby's grandfather, the dissolute Lord Durrington, has vowed to take the boy and make him his heir - whether Joanna agrees or not. And he's not the only sinister

figure to emerge, determined to cause trouble . . .


In Joanna's darkest hour she prays for a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue - but when he does, her defender is someone she least expects.



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Dorset 1838. The evening after a violent storm, a taciturn stonecutter prowling the Portland coast in search of plunder finds himself in possession of the most priceless treasure of all: a crying, hungry baby girl strapped securely in her cradle has miraculously survived the battering on the waves.


The child blossoms into a beautiful young woman, blissfully ignorant of the extraordinary truth about her origins. But Joanna Rushmore's happy childhood is about to come to a shattering end. For the past cannot be kept hidden forever, and the secret of her birth is destined to catapult her into a future she could never have dreamed of, causing untold heartache, an impossible dilemma, and - finally - a passionate love.


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After an unhappy period apart, Francis and Siana Matheson have settled into a loving marital relationship in their comfortable Dorset home. Siana's only sorrow is that so far she has been unable to bear her husband another child. Francis however is content to be a father to his grown-up daughters and his young son, Bryn, born while he was overseas.


But Siana is hiding a secret. Although she hates keeping something from her husband, the need to protect all concerned has left her with no choice. She must keep quiet and live with the guilt of her deceit.


No one can keep the truth hidden forever - and when Siana's shocking secret bursts into the open, there will be tragic and far-reaching consequences for the close-knit Matheson family.



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Now a wealthy young widow, former peasant girl Siana Forbes has overcome her humble beginnings to become mistress of Cheverton Manor, the handsome estate which her infant son, Ashley, will one day inherit. When the man she had always loved, country doctor Francis Matheson, asks for her hand in marriage, it seems her happiness is complete.


But trouble lies ahead. An unexpected tragedy means Francis must leave for Australia - a land where danger and hardship await. Left behind to raise a growing family, Siana too has problems when a sinister figure from her past emerges, determined to cause havoc.


And a terrible ordeal suffered by her stepdaughter on the night of the harvest supper leaves Siana with a heartbreaking choice. Will she be able to overcome the odds stacked against her and keep her family together? And will she ever be reunited with her beloved Francis?

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An illegitimate peasant girl faces cruelty and hardship in 19th century Dorset.


When her mother and stepfather perish in a fire, Siana Lewis finds herself destitute, with a younger brother and sister to support. Although her prospects seem bleak, Siana's beauty and intelligence will attract the attention of three men.


Daniel, her first love - the man who will betray her. Francis Matheson - the village doctor, who admires Siana's determination and thirst for knowlege. And Edward Forbes, the local squire. A sensual and devious man, Edward is used to getting what he wants. He desires the beautiful peasant girl from the moment he sets eyes on her - and he's determined to have her. Whatever it takes.




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