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She is a spinster with a secret fortune . . . He is an impoverished earl who must marry money or face ruin . . . Theirs is a love match to be reckoned with.


1812. Clever, strong-willed Vivienne Fox is unexpectedly endowed with riches beyond her wildest dreams when a remote cousin dies, leaving her his fortune. Unwed at twenty-four, Vivienne still hopes the right man is out there, but she despairs of ever finding him, and she is determined that rumours of her new-found wealth be quashed, lest she be courted for her purse rather than her heart.


Renowned rake Lord Alex LeSayres comes to an unpleasant decision after the death of his father. If he is to save their family lands, he must marry a wealthy woman - and quickly. Introduced to Miss Fox, his interest is soon piqued. But he must set aside his rising feelings, or else his family will face disaster...



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It’s 1835, and Clementine Morris, despite her youth and inexperience, is hired by Zachariah Fleet to care for his recently orphaned niece and nephew, Iris and Edward. He tells her he wishes the young children to have more than a governess, and her heart goes out to the grieving infants. Clementine, too, is an orphan, and all alone in the world.


Wealthy, self-possessed businessman Zachariah has never allowed himself to think of love, but as he grows to trust Clementine, he realises he may be falling for her. But there are troubles ahead. For Zachariah has been keeping a secret from Clementine, and it is one that has the power to ruin their potential happiness . . .




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1838 England. Miranda Jarvis and her younger sister find themselves without means in the middle of winter. In a desperate attempt to steal food from a country estate, they are caught and taken under the care of the owner, James Fenmore – unaware that the seemingly respectable middle-aged gentleman heads the smuggling network in the district. Sir James has no scruples.


Fletcher Taunt, James’s estranged and (mostly) honest nephew inherits the adjoining estate, one James covets. James begins to plot to relieve Fletcher of it, despite its reputation of being haunted by a monk.


When Miranda and Fletcher meet they fall in love . . . but the scheming James has made other plans for Miranda. Past intrigue has kept Fletcher in ignorance of his parentage. He discovers that his father is alive - and living as part of a monastic colony in France. Adrian Taunt is half-brother to James – a man who’d failed in an attempt to kill him. With the return of his memory, the time has come for Adrian to regain his title, take his revenge and get to know the son he’s never seen.

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Meggie Elliot is a young woman of above average intelligence, and on the brink of adulthood. Living with her aunt and uncle in London at the outbreak of WW2 she’s intent on going to university, then pursuing a career in law. She is encouraged in this by her solicitor – a man she admires a little too much. Too old for her, he lets her know it.


Meggie follows her dream as best she can. In a burst of patriotism she joins the WRNS to do her bit for the war. Sent to work in a decoding unit she meets the dangerously exciting young aristocrat, Nicholas Cowan, who sweeps her off her feet.


 But Meggie suspects Nick of being the man who burgled her aunt’s home, and to expose him would ruin a lot of lives. Despite that, and against all reason, Meggie and Nick begin to fall in love . . .



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1933. Esmé Carr leaves her closely-knit family behind and travels to Australia with her best friend, in search of adventure. There, the young women learn the value of friendship, and compromise as they support each other through the good and bad times, to eventually find love. Left behind in England is Esmé’s adolescent niece. Meggie Elliot has an imaginative and independent frame of mind, but there is mystery surrounding her birth – one she intends to unravel. And this, despite her mother’s warnings to let the past alone in an effort to protect her only daughter.


When the truth surfaces it’s not what Meggie wanted to hear, and it takes Esmé to reconcile the rift between mother and daughter.




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One woman - two loves. 1918


If it's not enough that a girl from a good background is forced to work as a maid, Livia Carr is then violated by the master of the house and becomes pregnant. Her only course is to marry the son of the house. Richard Sangster is an invalid, a world war one hero. He is not expected to live, and he offers Livia and the child legitimacy, as well has his name and estate. Livia grows to love Richard, and even though it's expected, his death comes as a great blow to her.


Into the breach steps Livia's first love, Richard's life long friend, and surgeon, Denton Elliot. The pair fell in love when they met on a train that was carrying Denton off to war, and an uncertain future. Livia had never stopped loving him despite her marriage to Richard. But will he desert her when the secret of the child's parentage is revealed to him . . . ?






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Celia Laws has a background to be ashamed of – by necessity, living in the London slums and on the wrong side of the law as she practices the art of being a pickpocket. When her mother dies Celia sets out to gain the respectability she had always craved for them. To that end she takes a hazardous journey to seek the help of an aunt. During the process she falls in love with a respected barrister.


Her past comes back to haunt her – in the form of an abduction, and an auction that uses her innocence as a commodity – the background Celia has been so careful to hide begins to unravel. Chief amongst the bidders is the man who also professes to love her. But will he still love her when her past is revealed?






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In the early 1920s Julia Howard feels as though she’s the perfect daughter - the paper doll that was manufactured by her father in her image.


Wealthy, less than perfect businessman, Latham Miller wants a perfect wife. He sees Julia in that role and manipulates the situation to suit his plans. Julia marries him to please her father and lacks for nothing - as long as she does what she’s told.


But Julia is only human. Already acquainted with troubled war hero, Martin Lee-Trafford, the former attraction between them grows into love. The inevitable happens, Julia gives birth to a son, and her paper doll image is torn apart.


Julia is then faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Can she leave with the man she loves, knowing she’ll have to abandon her beloved son - or should she stay?








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The stand-alone sequel to Salting the Wound


1835, England. A married woman, pregnant with her sea-captain lover’s child, dies giving birth. The child, Serafina Finn, is abandoned to an orphanage and grows up longing to feel that she belongs somewhere. Eighteen years later, her father, hearing rumours that his lost daughter survived, dispatches a detective, Adam Chapman, to discover the truth.


Adam finds, and falls in love with, Serafina – but, even if he can prove her identity, will her real family accept her?









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This is a captivating romance set in 19th century Dorset.


Charlotte Honeyman jilts her long-time swain, and on the spur of the moment marries a stranger. His pride damaged and his matrimonial plans upturned, sea captain Nick Thornton threatens to take revenge. Charlotte's younger sister, Marianne, takes pity on Nick and secretly boards his ship, where she meets with an accident. Nick regards Marianne as the perfect tool with which to get his own back, but in the process falls in love.


The rift between the sisters widens, and scandal erupts when it becomes apparent that Marianne is expecting Nick's child. Then fate intervenes to change the course of their lives, perhaps forever.










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A romance set against the background of the Australian Gold Rush.


Western Australia, 1890. Sarette Maitland is orphaned when her father dies of a snake bite on the goldfields. Rescued by adventurer John Kern, she takes the place of his own dead daughter in his heart. When tragedy strikes and Kern is killed, Sarette is introduced to Kern's nephew, Magnus, whose honesty and heart are tested when he discovers his uncles has left Sarette a considerable fortune . . .









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The death of Charlie Parker exposes a web of deceit.


Wife Lauren finds herself providing for Charlie s newly discovered teenage daughter, as well as caring for her mother-in-law, Betty. Recently bankrupt, they rent an isolated cottage in Dorset with Kate, who is expecting a child, the result of an assault.


Meanwhile DI Theo Ransom is investigating the affairs of Charlie, but can t fight his feelings for Kate...








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Fiery Kenna Mackenzie is determined not to comply with her guardian's wish that she marry Rory Challoner, an impoverished Scottish laird. She does not love Challoner, and she suspects Robert, her guardian's, motives.When she defies him, Kenna is thrown out onto the streets of Victorian Edinburgh to fend for herself.


Stubbornly determined that she will not give in, she sleeps rough and scrounges for food, until her health fails her. Rescued from the street by a widowed English doctor, Dominic Sterne, Kenna's luck seems to have turned. But Robert Gilmore has not yet finished with her. He has been conspiring to rob Kenna of her inheritance, and will do everything in his power to stall her in her quest for love and happiness...








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This is an engrossing saga set in the North East of Victorian England. As the sixth of Mary Ingram's surviving children, Calandra - known as Callie - determines from an early age that she will not follow in her beloved mother's footsteps. Married into a fisherman's family near Hartlepool, Mary's life is one of hard work, unrelenting poverty and narrow horizons.


One day, whilst gathering sea coal at the water's edge, Callie meets Patricia Lazarus and her brother James. Though their backgrounds are very different - the Lazarus children's great-uncle, with whom they are staying, is a lawyer - a friendship is forged that will last for ever. When Great-Uncle Harold offers Callie the post of companion to Patricia, it is the first step in her journey to a better life...






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Jilly Turner's wartime childhood in rural Dorset is far from idyllic. Her one consolation through the difficult times is Alec, an evacuee from London with whom she strikes up a deep and abiding friendship. When Alec is orphaned and sent to Australia, Jilly is left alone with her wayward mother and her depressed father.


Jilly finds herself pregnant and alone at seventeen, and finds herself with no choice but to give up the baby boy she bears.


But does Alec - who returns from Australia a successful man - hold the key to Jilly's future happiness? Always friends, even when apart, Jilly knows his love for her can withstand the truth of her past, but will she ever stop grieving for the son she loved and gave away?





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The Patterson sisters have lived in the Earl of Longmore's house since they were orphaned as children. When the old earl dies, the estate passes to one Kynan Trent, a London merchant and descendant of the despised Welsh branch of the family. The title is a surprise to him. He's even more surprised to find himself responsible for five lively young women, the eldest of whom,


Alexis, is determined to protect her family's right of way to Kynan's estate. She finds herself at loggerheads with the dangerously attractive new landlord. Meanwhile, her sisters embark on a search for the legendary treasure of their ancestors, believed to be hidden on the estate. If they can find the treasure, their fortunes - and their dowries - will be restored.




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County Kilkenny, 1900. Erin Maguire is a young, fiercely ambitious girl born into poverty. She is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Sanders' brother-in-law - the result of a painful love affair her mother had when she was a young maid working at Callacrea House.


Erin's childhood is a struggle; her mother is abused by Dermot, her hard-drinking husband, and his bullying sons and prays for a different life for her beloved daughter. Erin's only hope for escape from a life of hardship is her beautiful singing voice.


She meets Kell Sanders, the charming, handsome son of Lord Sanders, and finds herself falling for him. Kell encourages her dreams for the future - to sing on the stage in London. But will history repeat itself before she is able to fulfill her ambition?




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Geneva Tibbetson's association with the Earl of Ashby goes back to her childhood, when he gave her a pendant with a blue stone, and told her that if she looked at a full moon through it and the landscape turned the colour of amaranth then anything she wished for would come true. However, as the impoverished niece of the Reverend James Batterby, she spends most of her time looking after her eight much-loved male cousins, and she hasn't seen the Earl, whose uninhabited house the boys spend so much of their time playing in, for years.


Having been dissatisfied with his life for some time. Sorle Ashby

returns to the country to find a wife, and catches the boys and Geneva

in the house. Mistaking Geneva for a felon, he injures her, but things take a turn for the better, when, charmed by Geneva's beauty and forthright nature, the Earl offers her employment as his social secretary. Soon, however, the pendant he gifted her so many years ago lands her in serious trouble, and Geneva and Sorle must struggle with the judgement of local society before they can come to terms with their feelings.

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He is an earl who was left at the altar. Adele was his childhood friend, his one true love.


Ryder, Lord Madigan, has never recovered from the humiliation and heartbreak she caused him when she left him at the altar, a broken man. Believing Ryder to be dead, Adele has returned home, a widow. The attraction between them proves to still be strong, but can Adele bring herself to tell Ryder the reason she left him, and without losing him all over again?


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A quick descent in the social scene from doctor's daughter to ladies maid puts Grace Ellis in an impossible position when her mistress dies. Homeless, with only a small amount of savings, and with winter not far away, she is wondering where she will go when when she is advised by Dominic LéSayers, an attractive accountant, that Lady Florence has left her a fortune. All Grace need do is marry her ageing nephew. In the meantime Dominic and Grace fall in love.

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