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Alone in 18th century England, a strange and cold country and, without means of support, when Graine Seaton impersonates Evelyn Adams it's simply because she wants to survive. Her new identity comes with a fortune, and betrothal to a man of letters. This is the respectability Graine has always craved, for her parentage and past history are not something she can be proud of.


But Graine doesn't count on falling in love with Saville Lamartine, the master of Rushford House. Nor does she envisage becoming involved in opposing the very trade which earned her fortune in the first place - that of slavery. With her pretence exposed as a lie and her life under threat, will Saville come to her rescue?



Amazon_trans FairPretender


Confronted by a grieving woman who demands that he fathers a son to replace the one he accidentally killed, Noel Dearborn, an unhappily married accountant, at first refuses. But the vulnerable Betony Nichols fulfils his need to be needed, and she proves to be irresistible. Unexpectedly the illicit affair blossoms into a tender and healing love.


As the pair try to come to grips with their situation, a drama involving Betony's two sisters and Noel's estranged wife unfolds. Centred around a black magic sect in a small country village and a woman's insane need to prove a legend, it threatens Betony and Noel's happiness and the life of their new born son, until the destructive forces evoked by the sect are turned back against it.

Amazon_trans Grace


Janey's journey into womanhood is accompanied by her belief that now, at last, she can leave behind a childhood made unhappy by a man she hates. But a secret remains stubbornly buried in her memory.


Following the birth of her daughter she despairs of ever finding lasting love.


But can she be happy with a man who drives her to exhaustion or a sailor with a roving eye? Can she find love with Griff, her childhood friend? Battling with the tide of human emotion, Janey attempts to draw together the threads of her past so she can discover the happiness she so desperately craves?

Amazon_trans againstthetide


Winner of the 2002 Romantic Book of The Year.

Major prize winner - Woman's Day/Random House competition.


Four years after being drugged and tricked into marrying the 14-year-old Willow Givanchy, a suspected witch and unwanted daughter of his deadliest enemy, Gerard Lytton returns home to find his wife and family changed. Having lost none of her fiery independence, Willow has become a well-loved member of Lytton's family. But although nobly born, she cannot belie her mother's dark reputation and her father's dishonour. The pair fall in love, but is their love deep enough to overcome the obstacles of her parentage and reputation, which threaten to tear them asunder - especially in light of the mysterious events which begin to unfold?

Amazon_trans daughterofdarkness


Pandora's life changes when an inheritance forces her to confront her past. She discovers that a daughter born to her in her early teens, and believed to be dead - is very much alive, and living in Australia. Aided by her new love, the confronting Welsh psychiatrist, Bryn Llewellyn, Pandora leaves England to search for the girl - only to be rejected. Tragedy reunites mother and daughter in a painful and uneasy relationship. Unwittingly, Pandora over-reacts, trying to buy her daughter's affection with generosity. Trinity is defensive, resenting the need for her mother's help as she awaits the birth of her son. As the uncomfortable circumstances of Trinity's birth unfolds, her baby's arrival brings joy and understanding to the two women, enabling them to reach compromise.

Amazon_trans pandoras1


Angelina's arrival is a catalyst for many changes at Wrey House.   Her mother, the countess, is forced to come to terms with a daughter she didn't know existed.  Her sister, the exotic Rosabelle, is not so accomodating.  But are they really sisters?  The countess cannot recall giving birth to twins.


Soon the young women become involved in intrique.  Who is the highwayman?  Is it the enigmatic second son, or the bastard half-brother who's imprisoned for the crime?  Angelina knows, but refuses to betray the felon, even though to keep silent means, she must lose the man she loves.

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To save losing his estate in a wager, Remy St Cyres agrees to abduct and wed the first woman who comes through the inn door.


Fleur Russell is that woman.  Her ruined reputation becomes an issue and a forced marriage takes place immediately.  Regard for her husband grows and the marriage is consummated.

England is at war with Spain.  The half-Spanish Remy is recruited as a spy.  Wounded, he ends up in goal with a loss of memory. Two years later the tortured Remy returns home to discover he has a wife, a son and a thriving estate.


Nursed back to health by Fleur, Remy recovers his faculties and falls in love with her all over again.  Then their son is abducted. Already honour-bound to avenge the death of his mother on behalf of his Spanish family, Remy is forced to exact his revenge on a man he considered to be his friend.

Amazon_trans thisdayforth