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A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R


I was born in the county of Dorset in the UK, and have lived near

Fremantle in Western Australia for many years. Writing is my

passion. The settings I use in my novels take me back to my Dorset roots.


The majority of my forty plus short stories have been published in popular magazines internationally. Others are included in anthologies and a couple of stories written for children have been published in educational series.


On two occasions I've been awarded THE BRONZE QUILL for short story writing, a competition sponsored by "The Society of Women Writers". You will find my publishers and affiliations listed on another page.

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If I were to set down on paper everything I'd like to write it would cover many areas of writing, plus it would take several pairs of hands and twice the number of hours in a day. It's said that an author doesn't choose what to write, but their writing chooses them. No surprise there for me, then. The genre that's proved to be the most successful for me also happens to be the area I enjoy working in most, that of human relationships.


I prefer to write popular fiction, especially novels traditionally enjoyed by women. My chosen genre is usually referred to as women's fiction. My publications under this banner encompass historical saga, modern relationships, historical and contemporary romance and fantasy - areas which are distinct in style and content.


In 2002, my first published novel, DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS (which as an unpublished manuscript,                          

was awarded a major prize in the 1996 Random House/Women's Day competition) won the mainstream section of THE ROMANTIC BOOK OF THE YEAR, a competition run by the Romance Writers of Australia and judged by readers.